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String instruments making since 1987

Best handicraft is bon ton

Since 1987 the Hendel family has built high-quality string instruments. Today they are in the second generation - if you like a "young" company with a long tradition. It has always been out of the question that manual precision and a top-quality material is the way of the Hendel family.

This sustainable approach is the reason why musicians all over the world play on Hendel instruments these days. The employees of Hendel string instruments feel obliged to them and all future customers.

Quality & Tradition

Insider's tip and success story

In the beginning Georg focuses on trading in high-quality tone wood. Together with his wife Gertraud, who back then also stood for the company with her name, the two also specialise in producing component parts for string instruments. Success is not long in coming and it becomes possible and also necessary that the next generation, their son Harald and his wife Carola, contribute to the business. They also devote themselves to the traditional handicraft and pay fastidious attention to the quality of work and material. Very soon the offerings are expanded by "white" as well as playable instruments.

The foundation for a sustainable family tradition has been laid. In the meantime the wide offer has developed from an insider's tip to a success story. Having passed the baton from generation to generation, Carola and Harald decide to tap into new markets in Europe and the United States. Nowadays Hendel String instruments making stands for one of the most important manufacturers of high-grade, traditional and handcrafted instruments and components.

Our products

With love for details

Stradivari and Guarneri were once the grandmasters of violin making. Their instruments are unprecedented. The sound unique. Thrived by the longing for the perfect instrument they built timeless masterpieces.

Nevertheless you can feel this longing for the ideal sound, the love for the detail and the dream of the one and great quality every day in our workshop, even after Stradivari and Guarneri, and consequently in every product which leaves this workshop.


Inhalt wird geladen: Weiße Instrumente
Inhalt wird geladen: Lackierung
Inhalt wird geladen: Spielfertige Instrumente
Inhalt wird geladen: Einzelteile
Inhalt wird geladen: Collection 2018

The manufactory

Behind the scenes

10 weeks of handicraft

400 to 500 instruments from white to ready-for-playing leave the workshop in Höchstadt each year. The approximate delivery period of an individual finished instrument is about 8 to 12 weeks.

The result of countless tools, varnishes and skillful handicraft is an original Hendel product.


years of air-dried timber

Sunbathe of timber

„We exclusively work with timber which has been air-dried for at least ten years. The rule is: the older the timber, the more precious it gets. In the first three months the timber has to be dried in the open air. Later the humidity in the storeroom must not sink, otherwise the timber can mould or shrink significantly. The longer the timber is dried properly, of course in circulating air, the more qualitative and precious it becomes.“ Harald Hendel uses a special trick for tanning the timber: „If the weather is good we let the timber take a sunbath, as the UV rays of the sun improve the quality of the timber.“

Harald Hendel

The secret of varnishing

„Our alcohol-based varnish consists of different natural resins. The right composition guarantees an elastic, sound carrying varnish. If it were too inelastic, the varnish couldn't swing while playing the instrument and would peel. It is coloured with natural dyes like turmeric. Our favourite varnish is amber. As fragrance additives we add different essential oils. Extraordinarily popular is the substance propolis, which comes from bees and is said not only to attract these animals at fairs.“

Carola Hendel


years trade fair exhibist
(Frankfurt und Cremona)

Hendel on tour

Since 2002 Harald and Carola Hendel have been present at the Internationale Musikmesse (International Music Fair) in Frankfurt with their instruments. And that's not all: they travelled to the VSA in Baltimore, Maryland, and of course to the Mondomusica in Cremona, Italy.

After the focus of high-quality string instruments had shifted more and more from Frankfurt to the trade fair in Cremona, from 2010 on the two decided to exhibit exclusively in the city of Stradivari.

Off to Höchstadt, Germany

In 2012 Harald and Carola Hendel decided to move with their company from Fürth to Höchstadt (both Bavaria, Germany). Therefore they built a workshop Harald Hendel himself had designed. The premises with their corresponding functions are perfectly geared. The storage room lies in the middle of the workshop, in order to be able to reach the rooms for further processing like carving, planing or varnishing easily.


years of passion

Around the world

Hendel does not only sell its products in Germany and Italy, but also worldwide. Customers from the USA and especially from Asia appreciate the quality of the products. The great international demand became apparent after a sweepstake with great response: The winner came from Vietnam. The young boy was very delighted at the Hendel violin Guarneri Antique.

Carola and Harald Hendel, 2017

Approach & contact

We are looking forward to your visit

Carola Hendel Geigenbau

Owner Harald Hendel e.K.

Am Kiebitzengraben 5
91315 Höchstadt

Phone. +49(0)9193-5011316
Fax. +49(0)9193-5011946

Carola Hendel Geigenbau - Am Kiebitzengraben 5, 91315 Hoechstadt

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